Never Forget Bengahzi Poll Shows People never Forget


Could Benghazi be Hillary Clinton’s Waterloo? Why the Libya killings still haunt the former Secretary of State

Rasmussen has released a striking new poll today on the Benghazi debacle and how it might impact Hillary Clinton’s likely candidacy in the 2016 presidential race. The poll comes in the wake of a CBS “60 Minutes” programme broadcast last Sunday, which gave new details about the killing of former US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, including an interview with a British security officer who witnessed the attack by al-Qaeda terrorists. The show brought home to millions of American viewers the extent to which the US compound in Benghazi had not been adequately protected, despite a series of prior warnings.

According to the Rasmussen poll, over two fifths of Americans believe that the continuing fallout from Benghazi will hurt Clinton’s chances if she decides to make a run for the White House:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only four percent (4%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe the circumstances surrounding the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya will help Clinton’s candidacy. Forty-three percent (43%) think those circumstances will hurt the former secretary of State if she runs for the presidency in 2016, but nearly as many (41%) say they will have no impact. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure.

There is naturally a sharp partisan divide on the question. 65 per cent of Republicans believe Benghazi will hurt a Clinton candidacy, while 58 per cent of Democrats think it will have no impact. Significantly, 47 per cent of independents say that Clinton will be negatively impacted by the issue, as opposed to 40 per cent who disagree.

There is no question that Benghazi is a major liability for Mrs Clinton, as one of the biggest US national security and intelligence failures in many years. The September 11, 2012 killings shocked the American people and took place under her watch as Secretary of State, with not a single high-ranking administration official punished for them during her tenure. Stevens was only the sixth US Ambassador to die at the hands of America’s enemies, and his death underscored the continuing threat posed by al-Qaeda to US interests on the world stage. The aftermath of Benghazi was badly handled by the State Department, with Clinton putting in a defiant, evasive, and unconvincing performance in front of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations during a major Congressional hearing in January.

  • The Benghazi issue won’t be going away. As Rasmussen’s latest poll shows, 79 percent of US voters believe “it is still important to find out exactly what happened in the events surrounding the murder of the US Ambassador.” This won’t be music to the ears of Hillary Clinton, who has declined to take responsibility for the failures surrounding Benghazi, and has tried in vain to downplay their significance.Hillar Clinton

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