Cain on Huntsman Pay Back

After getting a tip from a donor, Huntsman’s researchers had dug into Cain’s past, discovered the first two sexual harassment claims, and fed the story to Politico. Not that Cain was seen by Team Huntsman as a particular barrier to their man. But the Utahan’s people were increasingly desperate, looking for any opportunity to upend the prevailing dynamic.”

Back in the day, Cain’s campaign had accused Texas Gov. Rick Perry of spreading the info that ultimately forced the former pizza executive from McDonough out of the contest.

Cain discussed the matter this morning on AM750/FM95.5 NewsTalk WSB, crowing just a bit at Huntsman’s dismal showing in the race:

“I still continue to vehemently deny the claims and in the upcoming commentary on I will detail some of the information and the facts that show these claims were in fact false. … 

“Jon Huntsman said I should drop out of the race. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that after the P5 [straw poll] vote in Florida is when my campaign took off and I moved to the top of the polls. By the way it is a fact, it is a fact that in that P5 vote in Florida that really energized the Herman Cain campaign, Jon Huntsman came in dead last and Herman Cain came in first place by a long shot. That is a fact.”

Not quite. Cain did in fact win and Huntsman did do poorly, but according to a tally of the straw poll published by the Tampa Bay Times, Michele Bachmann finished last.


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