Look List of States – That Welfare Is So Good You Can’t Afford To Work

May 25th By Fires Stone

Look List of States – That Welfare Is So Good You Can’t Afford To Work
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While some states pay offer payments considerably less than the top tier, there is no denying that a powerful disincentive exists to getting a job. In many cases, one could be giving up the perpetual vacation in exchange for less money, and the expenses associated with travelling to work, dressing the part, eating out for lunch and childcare.

A report by the Cato Institute shows the top state in the nation for the highest “benefit” is Hawaii. How many people would be willing to live in a beach bungalow, in year-round 85 degree weather, virtually carefree? You’d even have time to learn how to surf.

The problem is too many. While many of us possess a work ethic that doesn’t permit us to be social parasites, a significant number are not so encumbered. They are just fine getting that check that society “owes” them, relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life; like the Dancing with the Stars.
Continue Reading: http://www.conservativeinfidel.com/obama/list-of-states-welfare-so-good-you-cant-afford-to-work/


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